XTRADAY (English)

You haven't done anything on February 29 in the last three years. Nothing at all: there was no 29 February. This year you have the chance to do something. This year you get this extra day for free, a day that you only get once every four years!

This year you will do something on that day.
Do something for someone else:
make someone happy and it makes happy yourself.



  • Because it's possible
  • Because it's fun
  • Because research shows that you will be happier if you do something for someone
  • Because you can meet new people
  • Because you will learn more about yourself
  • Because it's easy
  • a small gesture, great pleasure

What can you do

Success factors:

  • Time is no problem because you have an entire day extra !!!
  • Everything you do for someone else is good: it doesn't have to cost anything.

Tips / examples:

  • Go talk to someone you don't know yet or to someone who is alone.
  • Greet everyone you meet.
  • Smile at everyone you meet.
  • Give compliments
  • Carry the groceries for someone.
  • Invite someone for a party game.
  • Help someone spend a day in the household: many people have trouble with that. (help with cleaning, washing and ironing or with cooking)
  • Do a day of volunteering: register in advance or use this extra day to orientate.
  • Wash a car. Repair someone's bicycle lighting.
  • Go for a walk with someone.

Tips for if you don't mind that it costs a little bit of money (this pays for itself twice):
  • Invite someone to your house for a cup of coffee. Or offer someone something to drink in the city.
  • Have someone eat at your place.
  • Send postcards to strangers, pick random addresses or send them to the people in the care homes.
  • Give someone a flower.
Do you have more to spend?
  • Then buy a pair of shoes for someone who desperately needs it.
  • Take someone to McDonalds (or a better opportunity 🤣)
  • Give a ticket for a theme park as a gift to a family in poverty


  • Meet your neighbors
  • Meet new people
  • Meet a stranger
  • Meet a homeless person
  • Meet your enemy
  • Meet the people you love
  • Meet yourself

The only rule is: No discussion but respect the meaning of the people you meet.

Share your promotion

  • Make #EXTRADAG trending by sharing on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.
  • Announce your promotion: What are you going to do? What are your tips?
  • Share your promotion.
  • Use the hashtag #extradag (and / or #xtraday)
  • Shout it from the rooftops:

February 29, 2020

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